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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Nov 24, 2018

My special guest this week is Larry Bettag. He recently presented at Todd Duncan's Sales Mastery event and he talked about how he has been growing his organic engagement, leads and business from Facebook - organically - without paying for ads.

This year so far Larry's generated $120K in income directly from Facebook....

Nov 14, 2018

My special guest today is Loida Velasquez. She's a very successful Real Estate Agent with over 30,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel over 7,000 Facebook followers and over 9,000 on Instagram .

Listen to this interview from the standpoint of what can you learn for yourself in terms of getting active with video and...

Nov 7, 2018

My special guest for today Sean Cahan also known as "The Mortgage Geek" out of San Diego California.

I want to give you a heads that we don't have a filter on this episode. It's raw it's real with some colorful language. If any kids are nearby listening, please remove your children.

Shawn is doing some amazing things...