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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Feb 19, 2019

Bill has been a top producer since 2012 and shows no sign of slowing down. His latest addition to his repertoire -- which includes monthly CE classes and a weekly video emailed to his list -- is making contact with 10 agents a day. These aren’t cold calls but touchpoints with existing contacts. 

Ten. each. day.

As Bill reminds us, there are a hundred reasons to contact agents. This “chore” doesn’t need to feel unnatural or pushy. In today’s episode, he explains how.

We also learn how Bill uses classes, events, and old-fashioned hustle -- especially around the holidays -- to attract prospects.


  • How providing monthly CE classes keeps Bill top of mind
  • How to make 10 agent contacts a day in a naturnal, non-pushy way
  • Why it pays to work around the holidays when others are taking time off
  • Why it’s important to give back to your community
  • Why, when it comes to video, you’ve got to just do it and know that it will get better and easier over time
  • Why word-of-mouth reviews are not enough
  • Ideas for connecting and engaging with agents


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