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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Feb 27, 2019

Kathryn Pedersen is a 15-year veteran in the loan officer business, and her numbers speak for themselves: She does twice the volume (yes, twice) of her next closest competitor in her local area. That’s some serious hustle.

Serving as the face of her business, Kathryn embraces the opportunity to connect with clients, both past and present. She does this in a multitude of ways -- agent classes, high-quality video content on social media, thorough and effective personal branding, even giving out hand warmers to clients in the grocery store.

As Kathryn warmly points out, having a real desire to help others is at the heart of being a successful loan officer. Showing this through a personal touch is a key in helping deepen a long-term connection with clients -- one that will keep them coming back. In this episode, she explains how.

We also learn some of Kathryn’s other best practices, including her strategies for building her brand, winning the Google war (she consistently comes up in the top three results in a Google search), and being ethical and true to yourself in a small town.


  • Why connecting with clients and having a real desire to help them is such an important part of Kathryn’s success
  • Why friendly is the way to go when it comes to competition in a small town
  • How providing carefully curated monthly CE classes positions Kathryn as the go-to local expert in the lending field
  • How to maintain meaningful communication with past clients
  • What concrete steps you can take to win the Google war
  • What role video plays in building your brand
  • Why CE classes are critical in helping convert agents to referral partners
  • How getting out there and getting involved in other communities and ideas can transform your loan business
  • What personal characteristics are key when it comes to working in small-town lending
  • Ideas for nurturing a personal connection with clients



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