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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Apr 3, 2019

Anthony Casa is a mover and a shaker. He’s gone to bat against the big boys and won. He’s received lawsuit threats from the largest banks in the country and refused to back down, even though he was only 32 years old at the time, had four children at home, and had everything to lose.

Anthony got into the mortgage business at the tender age of 18 and founded Garden State Home Loans less than a decade later. He has since become a champion of the independent broker and loan originator and is paving the way for brokers to be prepared for the disruptions that will inevitably come to the industry.

He believes in embracing change to stay ahead of the curve and recognizes that to stay relevant and competitive, independent brokers need social support, tools to increase efficiency, and methods for retaining customer. Anthony has given a blueprint for all these in the form of BRAWL, AIME, and ARIVE.  

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  • About Anthony’s work history
  • About AIME
  • About Garden State Home Loans’ record-setting month
  • About BRAWL


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