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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Apr 24, 2019

When REALTOR® Karin Carr relocated to the Savannah, Georgia, area, she was faced with the hard reality of having to build up her client base from scratch. But instead of letting it get her down or scrambling to pay for leads, Karin rolled up her sleeves, picked up her smartphone, and started making videos for a YouTube channel. A lot of videos. And wow, has this superstar produced some impressive results. A mere one and a half years later, her YouTube channel produces an eyebrow-raising five leads a week. A stunning 70% of her closed transactions come from YouTube. And you know how much it costs her? Nada. Zero. Zilch.

Karin believes firmly in the importance of organic leads, and she generates hers by focusing all her efforts on building a library of valuable real estate content on her YouTube channel. By using carefully selected keywords and focusing her videos on topics that are of interest to her targeted audience of local buyers and sellers, Karin is able to connect with clients who are already interested, clients who trust her and seek her out, clients who see her as a local expert and, sometimes, even a celebrity.

In today’s episode, Karin confronts the often-daunting issue of self-image and having the guts to put your face in front of the camera, noting wisely the importance of desensitizing yourself by just doing it. She also chats about various steps in the YouTube video production process, including video editing, custom thumbnails, and content production schedules.  


  • How you can generate organic leads as a real estate agent
  • Why it’s important to just dive in with your marketing and not overthink it
  • How YouTube is superior to Facebook when it comes to online marketing
  • How to overcome issues you might have about being in front of the camera
  • What tools Karin used when she started recording her videos
  • Karin’s top tip for getting started in making YouTube videos
  • Why YouTube’s conversion rate is so much higher than Facebook’s
  • Tips on how to interact with video viewers
  • How Karin uses keywords to guide her video production process and up her view count
  • Karin’s tips and suggestions for the video editing process
  • How Karin approaches the content production process each month
  • Karin’s tips for using custom thumbnails to increase video views
  • Why Karin believes you should stick with one social media platform for building your personal brand and content


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