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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Jul 24, 2019

Welcome to the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast episode #129. Listen in as Geoff and his guest Michael Hellickson discuss the market, how loan officers and real estate agents should partner up, and why their partnership is so important for the future of real estate!

Zillow is not the death of real estate. Both Michael and Geoff agree that Zillow has instead brought more visibility to the market, so long as that market is ready to capture that visibility. Listen to learn how you can use Zillow to bolster your business rather than hinder it… and it doesn’t require buying leads.

Geoff and Michael discuss a wide variety of topics on the future of real estate and how teaming up is the best tactic. Would you rather work with someone referred to you or a stranger? The referral right? In creating loan officer and real estate agent teams, you are building a referral network that will also build your business. 

This episode is packed full of actionable advice you can use to build your real estate or loan business. Listen and learn how building a team of professionals will build your business. Not ready to team up? Hear why referrals alone will not sustain you in the coming years. What are your thoughts? Leave a review and let us know how you feel about the future of real estate!

In This Episode:

  • [00:55] Welcome back to the show and shout out to Ethan who left a review on the show!
  • [03:28] Geoff introduces this weeks guest Michael Hellickson.
  • [06:10] Check out to RSVP for Michael and Geoff’s masterclass!
  • [07:12] Who is Michael Hellickson? (as defined by Michael Hellickson)
  • [09:24] What is Club Wealth and who do they work with? 
  • [11:24] How does Michael respond to people who bash on the basics/old school techniques? 
  • [15:03] What turned the tide away from old school techniques? 
  • [17:05] Why has the lack of skill of agents affected the bottom line of the industry as a whole? 
  • [18:42] What does the future agent or agent team look like?
  • [20:38] Are the bigger fish taking over the market? 
  • [23:44] Is Zillow the enemy? What does their presence mean in the market? 
  • [27:21] With Zillow moving into the mortgage side, how should loan officers adjust? 
  • [28:23] How can loan officers and realtors beat Zillow? 
  • [29:50} Why service expectations don’t change the market.
  • [34:03] Online leads take 6 to 18 months to convert, we need you to be in the database, making calls, to consider a partnership.
  • [35:11] What a good timeline on ROI and activity? 
  • [39:16] Why pre-approval is so important and the script you need to use for a guaranteed yes.
  • [42:09] Is consumer behavior shifting? 
  • [43:56] Should loan officers run Facebook ads? 
  • [45:29] Why the intent behind the numbers is what matters.
  • [48:06] What skillsets should loan officers work on? 
  • [50:52] Partnerships and branding… Michael’s thoughts.
  • [53:04] Teach real estate agents how to fish! Reciprocation is a differentiator!
  • [57:26] Like this episode? Leave a review!

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