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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Aug 14, 2019

Welcome to the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast episode #132. Listen in as Geoff and his guest Shane Kidwell, a rising star in the mortgage industry and former fireman, chat about why technology is great but will never eclipse connection, how to nurture agent and referral partner relationships, and how to think strategically about growing your business and influence.

Shane started in the industry just as it was coming out of the recession and hasn’t looked back. He’s grown his team to over 25 loan officers and has been steadily growing his rate of production to eclipse years prior. Just recently his team made in one month what they’d made in all of a year previous. Listen in as he shares how he’s built his team and his business through personal connections.

Learn why Shane believes that originating more loans versus high margins is more important in the long run. He shares why his list and his referral partners are his number one source of leads and income. Want to know how he nurtures both of those relationships? Listen in as he gives some pretty unique ideas for showing up in their day to day lives.

Need a fresh take on how to rejuvenate your leads and business? Then take a moment and listen in. Shane has some amazing insights to share on how he built his business quickly and successfully. If you liked what you heard, take a moment and leave us a review!

In This Episode:

  • [00:29] Welcome back to the show and Geoff shares his appreciation for his listeners.
  • [00:46] Shout out to Chet19 for leaving a review for the podcast!
  • [02:00] Geoff gives a brief background of his guest Shane Kidwell, a rising talent.
  • [05:15] Shane starts our conversation off with his love for sales and a bit about his background.
  • [09:41] What drove him to get into this space and take the steps he’s taken? 
  • [15:34] Hear Shane’s volume and production for 2018 and current and why his team produces more.
  • [20:11] How does Shane advise his people to shift and adjust to changes in the market? 
  • [30:30] Learn what skills you should build to be successful in this changing industry.
  • [31:58] Where do originators make the mistake of spending too much time? 
  • [36:51] Listen as Shane describes his connection strategy with his referral partners.
  • [41:14] How does he stay relevant with his agents and referral partners? 
  • [49:04] Why teaching agent classes have a huge return on investment.
  • [51:05] Shane shares why he’s not worried about Zillow and Amazon taking over his business.
  • [55:16] Where is Shane focusing his activities for the rest of the year and 2020?

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