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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Aug 22, 2016

Episode #20: Katie Lance: Get Smart with Social Media Are you leveraging social media to its full potential? How are you using social media in your mortgage business? Are you taking advantage of the increased potential for engagement or is it something you’re still neglecting? Our special guest for Mortgage Marketing Radio this week is Katie Lance. Katie runs a social media marketing consulting company focused on helping real estate professionals and mortgage companies get smart with social media in order to build their businesses and drive engagement with their audience. [episode image] In our interview, Katie shares her opinion on the popular “should you be everywhere?” debate and also gives some great advice on how to know which platforms you should be on and when to add a new one. We also discuss whether or not you should automate your social media, as well as how to take the online world offline to grow your relationships and generate new leads. Listen to the interview: [smart podcast player] Social Media is a marathon, not a sprint and you need to be consistent, regardless of the approach or platform you choose. Katie shares her top tips for managing your social strategy to help you get smart and get clients with social media . In this interview, you’ll learn: • How to identify which social platforms are right for you • Tips for using Facebook Live • How to stand out from all the social media “noise” • Converting social interactions into meetings with new leads • How to curate content to save time and add value to your audience Links we mentioned: • #GetSocialSmart Academy • Facebook Live cheat sheet • Facebook lists • Canva for Work • Inman Connect Thanks for listening! Thanks for joining us on this week’s episode of Mortgage Marketing Radio. If you enjoyed it, please share with your colleagues & friends and leave a comment below letting us know what you thought. Also, you can leave a rating & review for Mortgage Marketing Radio and you can subscribe to get all new episodes when they are released.