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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Oct 4, 2016

Are you falling short of your production and income goals? Do you want more referrals from REALTORS®? I’ve spoken to a lot of Loan Officers and many of them say that they want to make more money. However, a lot of them keep seem to have difficulty in achieving long-term, consistent success with agents. They tell me "it's like pushing a rock up a hill." Not fun. I know because I’ve been there. In this episode of Mortgage Marketing Radio, I’m bringing you a solo show that I recorded all about having a predictable sales system in your business - the one thing all successful businesses have. The fact is, unless you have a predictable system, you’re likely to fall short of your production and income goals. With a predictable sales system, as well as consistent actions, you’re not getting off the rollercoaster of swings in loan production and having to figure out where your next deal is coming from. In this interview, you’ll learn: * The 3 ways to grow your business in the Mortgage industry * Why you need predictability in your business * The 3 core functions of a business * How I went from 0 to $37m in closed loans in my second year * Why you need to start teaching agent classes * The number 1 reason people don’t get started teaching classes Links we mentioned: Instant Referrals for Mortgage Professionals The E-Myth books by Michael Gerber The E-Myth Revisited Episode #6 with Shashank Shekhar Thanks for listening! Thanks for joining us on this week’s episode of Mortgage Marketing Radio. If you enjoyed it, please share with your colleagues & friends and leave a comment below letting us know what you thought.