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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Oct 11, 2017

My special guest Todd Bookspan has become a mentor of mine for a variety of reasons.

He’s got years of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader for the past 15 years as a mortgage originator. He’s built one heck of a successful team in the Arizona market.

Todd grew a mortgage bank from five to 85 employees in four branches and he took the lead role in developing and designing a coaching program for originator’s leading to being in the top 30 ranked mortgage originators in 2015 and yielding more than 540 close loans  $113 million in loan volume.

Todd recently rolled out a fantastic activity planner called Win By Noon for Loan Officers and for real estate agents. The concept is winning the day by noon and so in this conversation Todd and I address some of the roadblocks that most originator’s and agents face when it comes to get things done and achieving their goals.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • How to Get Control of Your Day
  • Secrets of Highly Productive Top Producers
  • Does Time Blocking Really Work?
  • The #1 Reason Loan Officers Underperform
  • The Win By Noon Planner: Learn More Here
  • And More…

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