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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Nov 7, 2018

My special guest for today Sean Cahan also known as "The Mortgage Geek" out of San Diego California.

I want to give you a heads that we don't have a filter on this episode. It's raw it's real with some colorful language. If any kids are nearby listening, please remove your children.

Shawn is doing some amazing things with his "Mortgage Geek" brand. He's leveraging his brand and video to rise above the noise in the crowded market of San Diego.

Shawn is an active Mortgage Originator still producing loans to the tune of $134 million dollars in 2017. But he's also running Cornerstone Mortgage Group in San Diego.

He has over a hundred Loan Officers as part of the organization at Cornerstone so he's running operations he's handling mergers and acquisitions also. 

Biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss and links mentioned

  • How "The Mortgage Geek" Was Born
  • How to Choose Your Personal Brand
  • Making Loans Fun Again
  • What Content Get's People Engaged
  • How to Let Go of Fear and Get Going
  • Connect With Sean Here

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