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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Mar 6, 2019

Disruption is all around us. Yes, It’s even coming to the home lending industry. Is a ‘bot going to take my job? Are Zillow and Amazon going to enter the lending space? How can I protect myself and my team?

Clayton Collins of HousingWire has a two-fold prescription to help successful lenders prepare for a technological disruption. One, cultivate a digital presence and, two, build local expertise and local relationships. Having local knowledge and real-world relationships...well, it’s very difficult for technology to compete in those areas.

In today’s episode you’ll learn about HousingWire’s resources for lenders and about their upcoming Engage.Marketing Event in Charlotte. I plan to be there!

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  • About HousingWire
  • About the importance about reaching the borrower first
  • Shifts coming to the mortgage industry
  • Clayton’s opinion about Zillow’s impact on the lending space
  • How first-time home buyers will impact the 2019 market
  • Why it's important to diversify and not have all your eggs in one basket
  • Why it's important to know what your referrals and partners value


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