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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Mar 27, 2019

A few years ago, Rob was bored with his job and new something and to change. He set aside some distractions, joined Guaranteed Rates, and determined to get himself out of his comfort zone every day. That’s when things started to change.

Rob’s business doubled the first year.

By employing time-saving systems and getting out of the office to build relationships with REALTORS®, he built up a network of agents, and referrals now comprise nearly 100% of his business. He doesn’t take these business relationships lightly. In fact, he refers to his core, loyal relators as partners and friends.  

These reliable relationships are helping him sleep easy at night. With the threat of a future Zillow mortgage company looming large, Rob recognizes that the real estate and lending market is still largely local and is far from being automated. Having a local presence and having real friends in the REALTOR® space can make all the difference.


  • About Rob’s lending history
  • Why Rob makes a priority of the inbox-zero goal each day
  • How Rob cultivates and nurtures relationships with REALTORS®
  • Why Rob is working to get reviews on Zillow but is not overly concerned about being displaced by a future Zillow mortgage company