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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Apr 16, 2019

Having put in 17 years as a real estate agent in the Silicon Valley (one of the fastest markets in the world), Alex Wang has been around the block a time or two when it comes to understanding the world of real estate — and his experience shows in his numbers. In 2018 alone, Alex made 56 transactions for a whopping $80 million in sales, a jaw-dropping half of which was generated online. Wow. Just wow.

As the Real Estate Evangelist, Alex has a deep passion for the real estate profession, and he’s a firm believer in the value of being “The Digital Mayor.” Alex works towards this goal in his Palo Alto market by producing authentic content that he uses across a variety of online platforms, going so far as to hire a videographer to follow him for a year to chronicle the daily life of a real estate agent. Emphasizing the need to be real and individualize yourself online, Alex believes that a well-developed personal brand and regular community interaction on social media will go far in helping you stay top-of-mind with clients.

In today’s episode, Alex discusses the multiple marketing methods available for real estate agents and shares why he thinks an online presence is key — from social media and a personal website to Yelp and Google My Business. He also candidly outlines how a focus on building relationships can help you beat out the big names of the real estate industry in your local area. 


  • How to be authentic in the online content that you produce
  • Why it’s important to take your real estate farming game to the online arena
  • How to choose the best way to market your real estate brand
  • What social proof is and why’s it’s important to your success in the real estate world
  • Why your website needs to reflect your personal brand
  • How to build credibility and social proof on Google My Business
  • How to get customers and clients to leave you reviews
  • Why building an online presence is about more than just lead conversion
  • How to differentiate your real estate presence from big-name competitors in your local market


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