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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Jul 10, 2019

Welcome to the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast episode #127. This is our FIRST ever Pro Member spotlight episode and we’re excited to do more. Welcome to the show Chani Morris! Relatively new in the industry and killing it after signing up for our Pro Membership.

Chani has taken her natural skills and combined them with the strategy that we teach in the Pro Membership to create mortgage gold. In the 90-days that she has been a member, she has written over $1m in loans. Learn how she has changed her business with our immediately implementable strategies! 

Ready to do the same? Check out our Pro Membership today!

In This Episode:

  • [00:29] - Welcome back to this special episode of Mortgage Marketing Radio!
  • [01:27] - This episode features one of our PRO members, Chani Morris, and her amazing success!
  • [03:19] - Want to generate money quickly? Listen in to this tip from Geoff.
  • [04:11] - Welcome our first member of the month to the show, Chani Morris!
  • [05:04] - Chani has been a member since April and had her first agent class in May.
  • [05:51] - Chani chats about the value she has found in the PRO membership.
  • [06:51] - Why focus on agents over other facets in the industry?
  • [09:13] - Learn how the PRO membership has impacted Chani’s business in 90 days.
  • [10:45] - How Chani promotes and runs the classes she provides to agents and realtors.
  • [12:20] - Chani’s classes keep her from having to do any cold calling.
  • [14:13] - Feeling inspired? Check out the link to Mortgage Marketing Pro below! We can’t wait to see your success story on the podcast!

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