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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Jul 31, 2019

Listen in as Geoff and his guest Jenn Herman chat in detail about how to use Instagram for your business. Learn why Instagram is an important platform to use no matter if you’re a loan officer or real estate agent, how to use it properly, and when to use it.

Jenn starts off the conversation with amazing statistics on why Instagram is the perfect platform for your real estate business. Instagram is a highly engaged platform that is essentially the visual version of Twitter. By using photos and videos to educate your audience, you keep yourself top-of-mind for your following.

Jenn digs deep on creating Instagram stories. First, she chats about how to create stories, then she shares the proper formatting, and why they are so important. She also shares her strategy for making sure that she always has content to post. 

You may think Instagram is the wrong platform to engage your audience on, but Jenn will prove you wrong. If you’re comfortable with the platform and your audience is there, use it! You won’t regret it! Come back and let us know if these tips helped you with your Instagram strategy!

In This Episode:

  • [00:57] Shout out to Tom the Lender for leaving a fantastic review and reach out for your swag!
  • [02:09] Learn how we help you take action on the tips and tricks that we discuss in the show.
  • [03:14] Welcome to the show Jenn Herman, Instagram expert and thought-leader!
  • [07:20] Jenn breaks the myth that all Instagram users are super young.
  • [10:27] How can you get through the learning curve of becoming more mobile?
  • [14:50] What type of content is appropriate for loan officers? 
  • [20:08] Talk about the local events that you’re going to be at and invite people to come out.
  • [22:05] Learn everything you need to know about Instagram Stories.
  • [30:54] Everywhere you go is content! Learn how you can use it.
  • [31:53] Do you need to learn how to be a mini-movie content creator? 
  • [35:36] Push through the discomfort of learning a new skill! It’s worth it.
  • [36:21] Should you be on Instagram? 
  • [38:25] How to reach Jenn!

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