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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Jun 19, 2018

Brent Palmer knows how to train his Buyers Agents how to refer him and turn listing Agents in to referral partners.

Brent is a Sales Manager and Team Lead with Home Street Bank in Portland, Oregon and Brent's been in the mortgage business since 2002. He's a President's Club winner, having closed over $200 million in loan volume throughout his career. 

A couple of the things that stand out for me is how Brent is positioning himself and his team in a very competitive market with multiple offers, on how he's training his buyer's agents to create a more referable process for him as a mortgage loan originator.

So we're going to talk about that, how he wins deals in a rate sensitive environment, how he cross sells listing agents and his whole process for getting 85% of his business coming from real estate agents.

And we're going to talk about a really cool tool called Reach 150 that empowers you to stealth market potential referral partners, automate your online reviews and more. 

Biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss and links mentioned:

  • How to Get to The Customer First - And Win!
  • Training Buyers Agents How to Refer You
  • Cross-selling and Converting Listing Agents to Referral Partners
  • Stealth Marketing With Reach150
  • Connect With Brent Here

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