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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Aug 3, 2018

My special guest this week is Facebook marketing strategist coach and consultant. Travis Thom.

Travis might be the best kept secret in the mortgage space. I was introduced to Travis at a conference I was attending and hear about him doing all these incredible things when it comes to Facebook.

Building audiences, creating leads and really having a deeper understanding of online consumer psychology.

We're going to dive into lots of different things in here from ad creation to creating seller and buyer funnels, understanding your audience demographics and leveraging Custom Audiences.

Then we dive into the ad optimization strategies that go into having a successful Facebook ad campaign vs wasting time and money.

Biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss and links mentioned

  • Building Your Ideal Target Audience on Facebook
  • Knowing Your Facebook Ad Relevancy Rate
  • What Are Facebook Canvas Ads?
  • Priming, Reminding and Retargeting 
  • The Latest Updates with Facebook Targeting Options
  • Connect with Travis 

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