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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Aug 23, 2018

My very special guest is Kellie Marsh Vice President of Cornerstone Home Lending out of Santa Barbara California.

Lots of respect for Kelly and what she's built over the last 22 years as a mortgage professional. In the past four years alone, Kelly has closed over $400 million dollars in loans.

Let me say that again. In the past four years alone, Kelly has closed over $400 million dollars in loans, ranking her in the Scotsman Guide top 125 Originators is in the nation.

I think what's cool is the take away from Kelly is that is that she is true to herself. She wants to be authentic. She's built her business around the things that keep her true to herself and that she truly enjoys doing.

On this episode we're going to unpack a couple of really cool things.

Number one Kelly has built a team and as you may notice that's kind of a growing trend in the mortgage space much like it has been in the real estate space for some time.

We're going to talk a little bit about how she leverages her team to optimize her business and deliver the world class borrower experience.

One thing that stands out for me is her Approved Buyer Advantage how she makes sure that clients are motivated, engaged and committed.

Love the conversation we have with Kelly Marsh A fabulous person and an incredible top producer so let's just get into the episode. 

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