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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Oct 31, 2018

My special guest for this episode is talking the art of selling RENO Loans, Prospecting Agent teams and closing 250 loans per year.

Cathy Haddad is a very impressive woman. We need more powerful women being represented in the mortgage industry! Not only a powerful woman producer just a great person too.

We're going to dive into a couple of big areas of focus with Kathy and that is Renovation Loans and how she's expanding adding that to her business. Cathy does two to three loans a month of RENO loans.

We're also going to talk about focusing on big Agent teams. 

Biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss and links mentioned

  • The Art of Selling RENO Loans
  • Getting Agents To Buy-In to RENO Loans
  • Prospecting Agent Teams to Grow Your Business
  • Getting Started with Video
  • Cathy's Focus for 2019 and Beyond
  • Connect With Cathy Here

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