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Mortgage Marketing Radio

Mar 13, 2019

Like it or not, Zillow has become the place to go to find property values. But you can easily change that within your sphere of influence with the help of Homebot. Imagine producing a monthly digest emailed to your clients that scratches their itches for checking on property values, keeping track of the equity they have in their properties, and answering questions before they even think to ask them.

Sounds great, right? But who’s got time for that?

Homebot emails these digests on your behalf. The only time investment required on your part is the initial setup and then time spent following up with interested clients.

Homebot, winner of the 2018 Realogy Innovator of the Year award, keeps loan officers top of mind for both clients and REALTORS® almost effortlessly.


  • About Homebot
  • How Homebot helps loan officers stay connected with agents and previous clients
  • Why clients appreciate Homebot
  • How you can track engagement within Homebot
  • About the AI award Homebot recently won


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